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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Wedding Venues in New England



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Groom wraps his hand around the bride and holds her bouquet with the other hand while she rests her hand on his chest; image overlaid with text that reads The Ultimate Guide to the Best Wedding Venues in New England

New England has so many stunning, striking wedding venues that would be the perfect backdrop for your big day. From oceanside hotels to resorts deep in the mountains, there are quite a few venues that could be considered for a list of the best wedding venues in New England – but I’m only going to cover some of my absolute favorites.


Getting married in the lobster capital of the U.S. means enjoying endless seafood, blueberries, and beautiful small towns. Here are two of my favorite wedding venues in the pine tree state.

#1 – Inn By The Sea

Inn by the Sea offers incredible ocean views and gorgeous gardens that will make your jaw drop. It doesn’t matter how intimate or extravagant you’re looking to go; Inn By the Sea is ready to accommodate you and your wedding.  

There are a few options for how you can enjoy your special day. The Crescent Room offers ample space for larger weddings, the Cove Room for more intimate settings, or outdoors for the largest of weddings of up to 175 guests. 

Features of Inn By The Sea

  • On-site accommodation available
  • Catering and alcohol provided by the venue
  • Wheelchair accessible

#2 – Bear Mountain Inn + Barn

Offering romance and charm in a stunning rustic setting, Bear Mountain Inn + Barn is situated on the 25-acre lakefront property and is well worth checking out! Host 150 guests in the Bear Mountain barn, or enjoy a big tent wedding of 250 guests. A limited number of guests, including the bride and groom, can rent out some of the accommodations in the Inn. As a result, you get a full experience of this incredible venue which is definitely one of the best wedding venues in New England. 

Features of Bear Mountain Inn + Barn

  • The venue is wheelchair accessible
  • Epic lakeside location
  • Catering and alcohol are not provided by the venue

New Hampshire

With quaint towns and expansive wilderness, New Hampshire is a state filled to the brim with natural beauty. Here are some of the best New England wedding venues located in the granite state.

#1 – Mountain Club On Loon

Mountain Club on Loon is a ski resort overlooking the white mountains and some of those adorable towns of New Hampshire that I mentioned. It’s high up, offering a beautiful view of the great state you’ve chosen for your special day. This breathtaking venue offers space for up to 150 people. It will be a unique and memorable location for any size wedding.

Features of Mountain Club On Loon

  • The venue supplies alcohol and catering.
  • On-site accommodation available
  • Slope access during ski season

#2 – Castle in the Clouds

If we’re going off of beauty alone, Castle in the Clouds might be the winner in a competition of the best wedding venues in New England. This fairytale venue is so beautiful, with views of the New Hampshire wilderness, Lake Winnipesaukee, and trees as far as the eye can see. It’s especially gorgeous when the seasons change and the trees all take on fall colors.

Enjoy the gardens or one of the various charming rooms for your ceremony and reception, and enjoy the magic of New Hampshire from a castle in the clouds.

Features of Castle in the Clouds

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Can accommodate up to 200 guests
  • No on-site accommodation 
  • Catering and alcohol provided by the venue


Another state dripping in natural beauty, Vermont is primarily forested and packed with historic locations and landmarks. So what venues exist in the green mountain state have made it onto my list of the best wedding venues in New England?

#1 – Castle Hill Resort & Spa

Getting married is such a magical experience; why not do it at a castle fit for royalty? Castle Hill Resort is absolutely breathtaking. The stone structure is as elegant as it is dramatic. With expansive gardens, stunning designs, decor, and architecture, this venue is by far one of my favorite wedding venues in New England and favorite in Vermont! The venue can host up to 250 guests, so there’s room for the friends, family, family of the friends, and friends of the family. 

Newlywed couple walking out hand-in-hand after their wedding ceremony as their guests raise their glasses and take pictures of them at Castle Holl Resort and Spa

Features of Castle Hill Resort & Spa

  • On-site accommodation available
  • Catering and alcohol are provided by the venue
  • The photo ops…. I mean, come on!

#2 – Basin Harbor

Basin Harbor is a stunning wedding venue located on the literal harbor and offers space for up to 300 guests in dramatic fashion. The staff at Basin Harbor are ready to make your day something you’ll never forget. Then again, considering the gorgeous views and the right time of day, the venue will do that on its own.

Features of Basin Harbor

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • On-site accommodation available
  • Catering and alcohol are provided by the venue


The most populous state in New England, Massachusetts – and my home state! – is most famous for being the place where the Mayflower arrived, and pilgrims officially arrived in America. So what venues in the bay state would I consider to be amongst the best wedding venues in New England? Well, let me tell you!

Bride looking gorgeous as she closes her eyes and poses in the garden during their Massachusetts wedding shoot with Marcela Diaz

#1 – Castle Hill on the Crane Estate

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate is a massive venue that offers what many other venues on this list offer: elegance. There’s a reason this is one of the best wedding venues in New England, and that’s purely based on how visually stunning it is to behold. 2,100 acres of sprawling gardens and beautiful landscapes with striking buildings littered around with breathtaking architecture make you feel like royalty on your special day.

Simple ceremony setup at Castle hill on the Crane Estate on a very sunny and beautiful day

Features of Castle Hill 

  • Catering and alcohol are provided by the venue
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Lavish ballroom and lush gardens

#2 – Misselwood

Misselwood is an ocean-front mansion stuck in time, and that time had some incredible architecture! Up to 200 guests can enjoy the stunning views of either the venue itself or the water as they get lost in the magic of a special day celebrating love at its finest. 

Features of Misselwood

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • No on-site accommodation
  • Alcohol provided by the venue

Check out some of the other romantic venues in Massachusetts in my previous blog post: Romantic Wedding Venues in Massachusetts.

Rhode Island

With sandy beaches and small seaside towns, Rhode Island is packed with iconic architecture from the days long since passed. Here are a few of the venues in the ocean state that I would consider being amongst the best wedding venues in New England.  

Bride and groom look at each other endearingly during their wedding shoot by the beach in Rhode Island, captured by Marcela Diaz

#1 – Rosecliff

Rosecliff offers hard-to-find architecture as it’s retained most of its natural elegance from when it was first constructed in the 1800s. This 8-acre property is filled with manicured gardens and gorgeous views. It’s even been used for famous movies like The Great Gatsby, True Lies, and, fittingly, 27 Dresses. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!    

Features of Rosecliff

  • Required to have a licensed bartender on-site
  • Required to choose a caterer from a provided list
  • No accommodation available on-site
  • Wheelchair accessible

#2 – OceanCliff

OceanCliff is a dazzling venue filled with refined architecture that dates back to 1864. This beautiful venue hosts 70 – 225 guests in the beautiful 10-acre seaside property. There are 24 rooms available for guests, and the cherry on top is the stunning ballroom with panoramic sea views.

Features of OceanCliff

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Catering and alcohol provided by the venue
  • On-site accommodation available

Check out some of the other venues in Rhode Island that I’ve fallen in love with over the years in my blog post covering the Seven Best Wedding Venues in Rhode Island.


Like all New England states, Connecticut is just green as far as the eye can see, with small cities and towns dotted around the state, both coastal and inland. So what venues in the nutmeg state would I consider to be amongst the best wedding venues in New England? Let’s find out!

#1 – Lord Thompson Manor

Lord Thompson Manor is a beautiful manor on a 40-acre property. Covered in natural beauty from the gardens to the manor itself, Lord Thompson’s is a gorgeous place to get married all year round. 

Lord Thompson Manor, one of the best wedding venues in New England covered in natural beauty

Features of Lord Thompson Manor

  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Catering and alcohol provided by the venue
  • On-site accommodation available

#2 – Mayflower Inn & Spa

Mayflower Inn & Spa offers a level of uniqueness to its many venues within a venue. Nestled amongst a 58-acre property, it sits surrounded by forests, rivers, lagoons, and manicured gardens. You can construct a unique wedding day among all these gorgeous spaces, and the sheer quality of each means that this has well earned its spot as one of the best wedding venues in New England.

Features of Mayflower Inn & Spa

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Catering and alcohol provided by the venue

Check out some of the other great venues in Connecticut in my blog post, the Best Wedding Venues in Connecticut.

Final Thoughts

With so many venues existing over the various New England states, it’s difficult to express the sheer amount of venues that could be counted as the best wedding venues in New England. However, these are just a few of my personal favorites!

If you’re looking for the perfect photographer who can capture the magic of your special day, then get in touch! Let’s eat cookies together and start dreaming about how to capture your most magical moments. I’ve been a part of many special days, and I’d love to be a part of your wedding and show off your love in stunning images that last a lifetime. 

Xoxo, Marcela

North Shore, Massachusetts and Boston Wedding Photographer Marcela Plosker sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee

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