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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before you Book

Marcela Diaz



I'm a New England-based fine art wedding and engagement photographer. With my unwavering commitment, my objective is to skillfully encapsulate the intimate moments that unfold during your wedding day.

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A close up shot of a bride's bouquet, photographed by Marcela Plosker. Image overlaid with text that reads 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before you Book.

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make for your special day. After all, your photographer will be the one capturing all the magical moments you want to remember forever. To help you choose the right photographer for you, I’ve created a guide with the top ten questions to ask your wedding photographer before you book.

10 important questions to ask your wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer myself, I know how much of a whirlwind wedding planning can be. You have tons of research to do and decisions to make with only a limited amount of time. My goal is always to help simplify the planning process however I can, while also helping ensure you get the wedding of your dreams! With that in mind, here are my recommendations on the most important questions to ask your wedding photographer…

#1 – Do you have a network for a backup if you get sick?

The chances of your wedding photographer getting sick on your wedding day are very slim. However, it’s important that your photographer has a plan just in case that does happen. Find out what this plan is! For example, as a wedding photographer based in New England, I have gotten to know many other photographers who live and work in the area. If needed, I know I could pull on this network in case of an emergency. 

#2 – What is the timeline on getting the images back?

Be sure to ask your photographer what the timeline on getting your wedding photos back will be. I’ve heard of stories of couples not getting their images back for over a year or six months! At the very least, finding out how long it will take will help you know where to set your expectations. Or, it may even inspire you to choose a different photographer who will get your images back to you faster!

A woman holds her Nikon DSLR camera as she prepares to talk and photograph about 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before you Book. Photograph by Marcela Plosker, a Boston Massachusetts wedding photographer

#3 – What style do you work with?

Another one of the most important questions to ask your wedding photographer is about their style. There are several questions to consider under this topic, including:

  • What’s your photography style?
  • What kinds of weddings do you typically shoot?
  • What kinds of weddings are your favorite to photograph?
  • Do you shoot both film and digital?

These questions will help you get a better idea of the artistic approach your photographer will take to see if their style matches your own aesthetic. For instance, if you want to have a classy, seaside wedding in Newport, Rhode Island, it’s best if your photographer specializes in this style of wedding! 

Plus, learning what kind of photos you’ll receive (digital and/or film) is important to ensure you get what you truly want. I personally am a hybrid photographer, so I use both film and digital. Additionally, I always match my digital to my film to get gorgeous, timeless images.

#4 – How long will you hold my date while I make my decision?

Generally, couples chat with more than one photographer when deciding who to hire. So, as you meet with various wedding photographers, it’s helpful to ask them if they’ll hold your date for you while you make your decision. It can be a huge bummer to find out that your dream photographer booked another couple on your wedding date while you were sorting through your information.

#5 –  What exactly is included in your wedding photography packages? 

When you’re planning your wedding, you don’t have time to waste. As much as possible, you need all the logistical details laid out for you without having to dig for them or circle back to them later. Ask your photographer to go over exactly what’s included in their wedding photography packages.

A woman works at her Macbook Pro as she writes about 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before you Book. Photograph by Marcela Plosker, a Boston Massachusetts wedding photographer

Here are some aspects to inquire about:

  • Will I receive prints or just digital copies of my wedding photos?
  • How many hours are included in your packages?
  • What is your overtime rate?
  • Will you need any additional equipment?
  • Do you work with an assistant or second photographer? If so, are there any additional fees for that?
  • Does this package price include all fees? Or are there any additional ones?
  • Do you offer any add-on services?

Get the logistics sorted out early on, so you’re not surprised by new information closer to your wedding day.

#6 – Do I need to give you a shot list?

Next, you’ll want to find out whether you need to give your photographer a list of the different kinds of photos you want on your wedding day. Typically, most photographers don’t require a list of photos they need to take for the whole day (such as candids during the ceremony and cake-cutting photos). However, many do prefer to work from a list for the family formal portraits.

#7 – Do you have liability insurance?

This is a must for every wedding photographer! In fact, some venues even require photographers to show proof of insurance before they can work on the property.

A good, professional wedding photographer will always have liability insurance. This ensures the photographer (and their equipment) is covered should anything go awry on your wedding day. For example, imagine that one of your wedding guests trips and falls on your photographer’s equipment. The guest breaks his leg and sues the photographer. This is where liability insurance is extremely important!

#8 – Have you ever worked with any of my other vendors? How about the venue?

While it isn’t a deal-breaker if your wedding photographer hasn’t worked with any of your other vendors before, it is nice if they have! Knowing that your vendors have worked together before and can work well together will give you so much peace of mind. It’s a great sign that your wedding day will go smoothly.

You can also check to see whether your photographer has photographed any other weddings at your venue. Again, while not completely necessary, it is helpful if your photographer is already familiar with your venue. Logically, it makes sense: a photographer who has already photographed your Italian villa-style venue (such as the breathtaking Eolia estate in Connecticut) has a natural advantage. Plus, if your photographer has photographed your venue before, you’ll have further assurance this person is the right fit to perfectly capture your big day.

#9 – How much of a deposit do you require, and when is it due?

Don’t forget to ask about the deposit! It is essential to find out how much the deposit is and when it’s due. You don’t want to miss out on securing your dream wedding photographer because you didn’t pay the deposit in time. 

A close up shot of a bride's bouquet, photographed by Marcela Plosker, a Boston wedding photographer, as she explains 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before you Book.

#10 – Can I see some photo galleries of some weddings you’ve shot?

One final question to ask your wedding photographer is whether you can see some of their work. If you haven’t already, ask to see some photo galleries of other weddings your photographer has shot recently. It is especially helpful to get to see photos of weddings that are similar in size and style to yours. For example, if you’re having a New England estate wedding, have your photographer show you photos they’ve taken at these kinds of weddings. Doing this will help give you an idea of what kinds of photos to expect, from portraits to candids to detail shots. 

BONUS: Ask yourself “Do I vibe with this photographer?”

After you’ve found the answers to all of these questions, you need to ask yourself a question:

Do I feel comfortable with this photographer? Do we get along well?

This is super important to ask yourself after chatting with a photographer you potentially want to hire. Can you picture yourself hanging out with your photographer all day? Honestly, that’s pretty much what you do on your wedding day. So, you want to make sure you choose a photographer that you vibe with, someone who will be fun to be around on your special day. 

Simplify your wedding planning with these questions to ask your wedding photographer

I hope you’ve found these questions to ask your wedding photographer helpful! Asking all of the questions in this guide will simplify your wedding planning process while also making sure you cover all of the essential information you need to know. 

At the end of the day, don’t forget the most important question to ask is whether you feel like you click with the photographer. While it is important that you love the photographer’s style and that the pricing works for your budget, none of that matters if you don’t enjoy hanging out with the photographer.

If you have any questions about working with a wedding photographer or other aspects of wedding planning, shoot me a message.  I’d love to help however I can!

Xoxo, Marcela

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