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Marcela Diaz



I'm a New England-based fine art wedding and engagement photographer. With my unwavering commitment, my objective is to skillfully encapsulate the intimate moments that unfold during your wedding day.

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Two weeks ago I got to work with this awesome Italian restaurant, Riccardi’s. I was very excited since I love Italian food, but it was the staff that impressed me the most. Mike, the owner, and I ended up having lunch after our session and I got to hear his story.

His business journey has withstood the test of time. The pizza was the best I’ve had in such a long time, so I indulged. However, it wasn’t the pizza that sold me on this business, it was the feeling of home that I got when I talked to the staff.

We didn’t just talk about pizza or pasta. We got to talk about how life has dramatically changed due to technology. How some couples no longer sit and chat, they stare off at their phones, children watch their iPads screen tentatively or friends check what their “friends” are doing on Facebook.
When I was a teen we had phones but they mostly flipped open and were there to send a quick text message (who remembers t9?!) or make a quick call. They weren’t used to the extent they are now. I’m guilty of adapting with the times and growing increasingly dependent on my phone, especially as I am growing my business.

However, our conversation was a great reminder to go back to the basics whenever possible, to drop the phone and just listen or write. The things that matter most are the relationships we build with our families and friends.
Remember to unplug whenever possible and feed your heart by living in the moment.



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