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5 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a New England Wedding



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Engaged couple sitting on a bench with "5 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a New England Wedding." Photographed by North Shore, Massachusetts and New England wedding photographer Marcela Plosker

Being engaged is such an exciting time, and planning a New England wedding should be equally as special. However, wedding planning can easily turn into a stressful whirlwind. There are so many amazing options to choose from, decisions to be made, and outside factors like weather to consider when planning a wedding in New England. Because of this, I recommend taking a bit of time to decide on things like your priorities and aesthetic before you dive into all the nitty-gritty details of wedding planning. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are my top recommendations for what you need to know before you start planning a New England wedding…

1. Decide on your wedding priorities

The first step to planning a New England wedding will be to figure out what your priorities are. Ask yourself, “what matters most to me about my wedding?” Maybe you know you want to have epic wedding photos or a video documenting your special day. Is there a specific part of New England you’ve always pictured yourself getting married in? Or, maybe you know extravagant decor isn’t a top priority for you, but having amazing food at your reception is. 

Maybe you’re not quite sure what your priorities are yet. That’s okay! Take some time to dream about your wedding and really visualize it. What stands out to you? This should give you a good idea of a few aspects of your wedding that you feel the most passionate about. These areas will likely be where you spend most of your time and/or wedding budget. 

2. Research wedding planners in the New England area

Wedding planners are absolute lifesavers when it comes to planning a wedding. I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner to help you manage all the details going into your wedding. Plus, having your planner handle all the logistical items the day of your wedding will help ensure your day is so much less stressful.

Luckily, there are many incredible New England wedding planners to choose from. Kate of Kate Murtaugh Events & Designs and Keri of Always Yours Events. Kate works all over New England creating gorgeous weddings designs, and has such helpful content for brides, to keep you calm and maintain mental health during the planning process.I love working with Keri of Always Yours Events. Keri primarily works in the Boston and Cape Cod areas and is a total genius at all things wedding planning. She helps her clients with things like creating a wedding budget, maximizing their floral budget, and other tips on getting started with wedding planning

3. Choose your New England wedding style and aesthetic

The next step is to dream about what you want the style and aesthetic of your wedding to be. Do you want a classic, elegant wedding at a historic spot in Boston, or a more laid-back, beachy wedding in a coastal town like Newport, Rhode Island? What color schemes do you like?

You definitely don’t have to decide your vibe right away. Give yourself some time to dream and explore all the excellent style and aesthetic options there are for New England weddings. 

Pinterest is an amazing visual tool for finding wedding inspiration and saving photos of looks you like that you’ve found on your own. Once you’ve narrowed your options down and have found your specific wedding style, you’ll have way more direction and focus as you start planning your wedding. 

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4. Don’t forget to brainstorm with your fiance

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it needs to be said: don’t forget to include your fiance in your dreaming and brainstorming. It can be easy to get up in all the ideas and visuals swirling around in your head. I totally get it! 

But, it’s also so important to slow down and make sure your dreams and ideas are a joint effort between you and your fiance. Your wedding is meant to be a special time celebrating the two of you: your love, your history together, your unique personalities, etc. Making sure both of you are equally included in the planning process will make your day even more special, because it will be perfectly tailored to the two of you. So, take this as an extra excuse to go on a fun date, and dream about your wedding priorities, aesthetic, etc. together!

5. Before planning a New England wedding: decide on a budget

There’s a reason I don’t recommend choosing a wedding budget before any other step in the planning process. Your personal vision, passion, and style needs to drive all of your planning. 

However, once you have some ideas for planning your New England wedding, it’s time to take a break from daydreaming. Now, it’s time to pick your budget. Get really honest with yourself, your fiance, and anyone else helping you pay for your wedding about how much you can afford to spend. 

Once you know your budget, really commit to sticking to it. This will save you so much heartbreak later in the wedding planning process. Having a set budget will help you avoid situations where you get your heart set on an idea and then are forced to change your plans once you realize you can’t afford that option. Plus, sometimes all the decision-making required to plan a wedding can get exhausting. Knowing your budget will really simplify your decision-making, because you’ll have a non-negotiable standard to guide you.

A long white table with white chairs is set with wedding decor and wedding flowers underneath a white tent with strung lights. Photographed by Boston wedding photographer Marcela Plosker

Reminder: Have fun, and don’t put pressure on yourself to plan your wedding right away

Finally, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to plan your wedding right away. Before you jump into all the logistical details, take some to just “be.” Enjoy being engaged, let yourself dream and celebrate, and give yourself permission to not have it all figured out! Your wedding will be amazing and lovely, and the planning process should be exciting and fun, not super strict and stressful.


Marcela posing on a chair beside a plant.

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